EC-S is an advanced safety system for construction equipment where the requirement for workplace safety is high. EC-S uses dual sensors and fulfills Performance Level D (PLd). EC-S can be installed on most construction machinery with 1-3 booms, for example wheel loaders, MEWPS etc. that needs added safety measures during work close to railways, bellow powerlines or close to a road with traffic.


The EC-S system can limit both height and slew of machines, which are very easy to configure. The operator only needs to input the size of the attached tool, and desired limits, then the system will brake the machine utilizing proportional valves for a smooth deceleration when the set limit approaches.

Simple handling

The EC-S is controlled from a 5” display mounted in the cab. Even though the system has an advanced safety function, it is very easy to configure and use. To help in daily work it has an Tare-function that can reset the shown height of the arm, and if a pressure sensor is added to the machine it can display an estimation of the loaded weight.  

Three reasons to choose EC-S


Just at the RRCS, EC-S is a safety system which fulfills the requirements for Performance level D (PLd), which is required for some workplaces to comply with rules and regulations.

Ease of use

EC-S uses a 5" colour display in the cab, where the operator easy and intuitivetly can set and configure limits for slew and height. Tool size can be set and up to 10 presets can be saved.

Easy installation

EC-S is comparably easy to install. Most cables are prefabricated, and the main unit is directly connected to valves and sensors with no additional connnection-boxes or modules.

What is the intended use for the system?

EC-S is designed to fit most machine types that operates in areas where there is an increased potential for serious accidents occurring, e.g. working close to railways, bellow powerlines or close to traffic. The system controls slew and height and can be installed on most machines with 1–3-piece arm for example wheel loaders, MEWPs etc. 

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