InTeEx most advanced system. Fulfils current requirements for among others SS-EN 15746 for Road-Rail machines, Trafikverkets regulations for Road-Rail machines (TSA) as well as RIS-1530-PLT Iss. 6 Technical requirements for on-track Plant


RRCS and its predecessor OPS are installed on more than a hundred excavators around the world, excavators adapted to be used on railways. Aside from Height- and Slew Limitations it also contains a Load Limiter (RCL). It also have an ever increasing amount of additional options providing new functionalities and more adaptability such as the ability to control many functions in the machines undercarriage.

Advanced with simplicty in mind

is an advanced safety system, but mainly uses well proven standard components
from large manufacturers and suppliers. This makes spare parts easily procured
and guarantees minimal downtimes in all imaginable circumstances.

InTeEx have many years of experience from developing safety systems for
industrial- and construction machinery industries, which have led to the system
as the heading implies – Advanced, yet Simple.  

Even what the Operator encounters in day-to-day operations is the system display, with a clear and intuitive interface so as to be helpful and not be intrusive to the workflow and at the same be advanced enough so that installers, service personnel and administrators can access advanced data and settings. 

Three reasons to choose RRCS

Soft deceleration

RRCS uses proportional valves to give a smooth working experience. The systen will decelerate the machine before limits so that the machine will stop at chosen limit without any additional input.

Ease of use

RRCS uses a 7" colour display in the machines cab, where the operator easily can set and change for example the limits for Height, Slew and Load, and at the same time give a clear picture of the system status

Easy installation

RRCS is comparably easy to install. The main unit is directly connected to all valves and sensors, with no additional connection-boxes or modules. This keeps the installation straight-forward and compact.

What is the intended use of the system?

RRCS is developed with rail-mounted 360o excavators in mind. An RCI/RCL system is in many countries required to be able to provide services on railway networks. RRCS fulfils applicable rules and regulations so that work can be performed safely when on tracks.

When to choose another of our systems?

InTeEx have developed multiple different systems for different purposes. Please refer to our product comparison page for an overview of our different functionalities. You can also contact us through the form bellow. 

See the RRCS brochure here

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